Blood Moon

When the alarm rang at 3:30 I hesitated briefly, as to whether I should get up. A quick look at the moon and I escaped the inertia ... The most touching moment was the first sharp and successful photo of Mercury, whose fingers the moon gently touches. I have never photographed anything as nice. I was soon close to tears.


During recent walks near Stuttgart with a good friend, we were fortunate to view some lovely sunsets. There is nothing can compare with the beauty of a sunrise or sunset and I thought it would be a good idea to bring together some of my favourites for you.

More Berlin

I was on my way to the gym one night, when I passed by the Brandenburg Gate., fortunately I had my camera with me.


Its great to be back in Berlin, meeting new friends and reuniting with old. I love having the opportunity to photograph some of Germany's most famous landmarks. An evening out at the Opera, to watch a dear friend play, gave me the chance to take some night shots and as you can see the moon obligingly came out to see me.


I hope you enjoy these photos of my recent trip to Sydney. I had a great time there taking photographs and shooting videos for my new CD. I met some lovely guys, particularly the crew from Do It In A Dress, a great bunch of surfers from Bondi, where some of these pictures were taken. For the uninitiated, Do It In A Dress is a fantastic charity which helps educate girls in Africa. If you get the opportunity to participate, and dress up in a school dress for the day, then grab it, not only is it fun, (I can vouch for that) but you will be helping raise money for a wonderful cause. Warmest Regards George